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Inside the debate therapists like me are having over Donald Trump’s mental health

“Why can’t therapists do something about a psychopath getting his dirty little fingers on the nuclear codes?” a patient asked me.

It was a week after the presidential election. There was anguish in my patient’s voice.

I put on my therapist-wise air and intoned, “I hear how upset you are at what’s happening in the country and that people who should know better aren’t taking care of you the way they should…”

She said, “Precisely, I feel so let down.” We were back on safe ground.

It’s been three months since that conversation. Donald Trump is now in the White House. And what I haven’t told this patient, or any of my patients, is this: The other day I added my name to a petition signed by thousands of mental health professionals calling on Trump to be removed from office due to his apparent mental illness.


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